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Welcome to OfficialMe

Here are some basics


Mainstream platform

Don't sacrifice your brand or name you worked hard for by using just any fan site to get paid. We provide a mainstream professional platform for your creations or arts.


Get paid for your content

Turn your quality content into recurring income with tiered subscriptions and donations.


Privacy first

You can have public, private or paid content all on one account with customizable privacy settings. No juggling multiple accounts.


High Resolution Photos and 2K (QHD) Videos

We focus on the quality of your creations by providing high resolution uncropped photos, up to Quad HD quality videos and audio recordings to provide a media rich experience.


Organize Content

Create albums to organize your media and choose which users can see each album or use albums as a portfolio.


Self Promotion

You can choose an account type (Vlogger, photographer, model, artist etc) and promote yourself and your content in multiple ways.


Media Journaling

Automatic grouping of your uploaded media by date posted for searchability and timelining of your daily activities.

Content Monetization

Get paid for your content with optional tiered subscriptions and donations.

  • Creator Dashboard

    Use the self-managed dashboard to set your own pricing, view payouts, manage account info and more.

  • Mobile and Web Apps

    Native iOS and Android apps so you can create on the fly and/or upload media from your desktop to easily share with supporters.

  • High Earning Potential

    Enjoy the best industry commissions and enjoy the all in one platform. No need for 3rd party services. Learn more

  • Unlimited hosted media and Live Videos

    Enjoy uploading your media directly to our platform and go Live without 3rd party fees and viewer limits.

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So why OfficialMe?

Network with other creators and artists while socializing with fans all in one place.

High Res Real Photography

Post high resolution uncropped photos for display on mobile or the web

2K Videos

Post videos up to 2K (Quad HD) quality. Your creations will look great on OfficialMe

Audio Recording

Record audio directly into the app for those audio only posts.

Live Broadcasting

Free unlimited live videos to share your journey in real time with customizable audience settings.

Private Messaging

Full private messaging system for encrypted conversations with other members.


Create personal, promotional or touring events with event notification for all occasions.


Feel like writing? Create text only posts to share your thoughts with your followers.

Video Echo

3 second looped videos that go back and forth.

Pix Strips

Built-in photo booth feature for endless fun

But wait, there's more!

Other cool features

  • Chronological Timeline

    See the posts as they happen with newest first.

  • Unlimited uploads

    You have the media, we have the space. Your posts are not limited to a specific number of items when creating new uploads.

  • Search Filtering

    Search by different account criteria to more easily find people you want to follow.

  • Photo Editor

    Edit photos and add filters with the built-in photo editor.

  • Media Viewer

    Special media viewer for an immersed portrait or landscape view with zooming capabilities.

  • Customizable Profiles

    Change the header photo and font colors of your profile page.

MonetizeMake money from your content

Become a paid creator and you'll be able to charge fans a subscription fee to access your exclusive content on your profile. Learn more

CreativityFlexibility to be creative

OfficialMe is useful for media and entertainment professionals to highlight your content all in one place to share with your fans.

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