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OfficialMe provides the best features:

Flix Style TV Shows

Create your own TV shows such as reality TV, cooking, comedy, talk shows or whatever your creativity comes up with.

Hosted Media

Post your photos, videos or audio directly to OfficialMe to share with your Official Followers.

Tiered Subscriptions

Don't juggle multiple accounts. Your account is free to your followers. They only pay when they want to access paid content. You can have up to 5 subscriptions plans for different levels of access for your Official Followers. e.g. Premium, VIP, Super VIP etc.

Fast Payouts

Automatic weekly Friday payouts or you can manually widthdraw your available balance at any time.

Free Live Videos

Go live with unlimited viewers and privacy options directly from our app or desktop with OBS.

Album Management

Create albums with selectable privacy levels to easily share your content with specific audiences and tier plans.

Native Mobile and Web Apps

Create content directly in our native iOS and Android apps available in the app stores or upload from the web.

Scheduled Posts

You can schedule content to post at future dates/times for busy creators that can't post everday. We got you.

Direct Messaging

The ability to chat with any member on the platform.

Admin Dashboard

A self managed dashboard to set pricing, view payouts and more.

Chronological Timeline

A home timeline and journal feed so supporters can easily see all new posts in one place.

Verified Status

You'll automatically have verified status once approved.

Calculate Potential Earnings

# of followers/fans?

You can calculate the potential earnings based on the number of followers you have on your social media profiles.

Monthly Subscription Price?

One of the prices you would set for monthly subscription access.

You could earn to per month based on an estimate of just 1% to 5% of followers.*

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Currently open to US, Canada, UK, Australia and most European creators. More countries to be added soon.